We helped Ambl scale 50% MoM over 6 months & decreased their CPI by 93%.

Their problem 🤔

Ambl is the app for last minute reservations with a dense network of venues in London. They were looking to rapidly ramp up growth but their core focus was on increasing the number of engaged, active users. They cared about bookings, not just installs.

Our solution 🛠️

Their Meta account structure was messy and with an average time to value that didn’t make SKAN attribution easy, we had to look at things through a fresh lens. We simplified their ad account structure and worked with them to conduct product growth experiments, optimise the onboarding journey and run creative tests on Meta.

The result 📈

MoM Growth - Over a 6 month period, through a combination of product growth and paid advertising experiments, we helped Ambl achieve 50% MoM growth to their North Star Metric - bookings

Cost per Install - Through consolidating the Meta account setup and running a series of creative tests, Ambl’s CPI reduced by 93% - seeing paid CPIs as low as £2.53, averaging out at £3.06.