We helped SPOKE achieve 20% MoM Growth with a 60.4% decrease to their CPI, without increasing ad spend.

The problem πŸ€”

Ahead of their Seed Round, SPOKE were looking to ramp up growth. But it was about more than just decreasing CPI or scaling installs. They needed to devise and execute on a holistic growth strategy to show that they could scale with viable unit economics.

Our solution πŸ› οΈ

We started by digging into their product analytics. We segmented the user base and conducted customer interviews to identify which segments were power users, understand their user psychology and hone in on what outcome they were hoping to get from the app.


We then took these insights and produced ad creatives specifically focussed on targeting these users. We ran a series of creative tests, experimenting with JTBD (Jobs to Be Done), messaging, and creatives


Finally, we conducted a series of onboarding and monetisation experiments to increase conversion rates to paid subscribers.

The result πŸ“ˆ

MoM Growth - Across an 11 month period, we helped SPOKE grow their active users by 20% MoM without increasing advertising spend.


CPI - By leveraging a creative first approach to targeting and refining both the proposition and messaging, we decreased their cost per install by 60.4%


Conversion - Our onboarding and monetisation experiments resulted in a 10% install to trial rate and a 53% trial start to subscription (5.3% install to subscriber rate)
Against benchmarks, this is very strong!