300% increase to MRR in 60 days

Their problem 🤔

Historically, Timecap had a strong growth rate due to their organic ASO performance. Especially on the Google Play Store. However, due to the higher volume of competition on iOS, it proved more difficult to scale revenue.

Our solution 🛠️

We recognised that competing in the general habit tracking space. We worked with their team to pivot Timecap on iOS from a general habit tracking app to an ADHD focused app based on JTBD research and perceived ASO opportunity.

This meant a full ASO revamp - from the app store screenshots to the app store icon.

We then launched Apple Search Ads campaigns to aid our ASO efforts and rolled out a series of monetisation experiments to maximise revenue.

The result 📈

iOS subscription revenue tripled within 60 days, reaching an all time high for MRR.

Enough said...